Speak Up: Street Treats playgroup

The Speak Up project developed by Unitingcare Burnside as part of the Communities for Children Strategy is designed as an early intervention/prevention initiative focused on speech and language development for children aged 0-5years and their parents. The project will aim to raise awareness of the importance of speech and language development in early childhood by working with families and children in the local community of Rosemeadow/Ambarvale.

The Speak Up project will support families and children by:

- Providing information packs and resources for parents on age appropriate speech and language development

- Speech Therapist works with parents/carers to develop their skills in supporting and enhancing their child's speech and language development in the home.

- Speech Therapist works with individual children to asses their speech and language development and develop appropriate strategies.

- Provide parent education workshops on speech and language development in early childhood.

- Providing information and resources to service providers and practitioners to support them in the work they do with families and children 0-5years.


The program runs weekly in community areas such as cafes and park areas. Contact us for information on weekly location and playgroup times.